Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), Snyder’s Superhero Epic

Looking back at my review for what I guess is now called the Whedon cut of Justice League I wrote the following: “would I personally want to see the infamous ‘Snyder Cut’? Undoubtedly […] Do I think that cut actually exists? Not in any meaningful way….” and I’ve never been happier to say that IContinue reading “Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), Snyder’s Superhero Epic”

Cherry (2021), or was it Cherk?

It’s difficult to know where to begin when talking about Cherry. The now-heavily memed image of Tom Holland with a shaved head pointing a pistol directly at the camera seems to have been released years ago amidst mumbling and murmurs of the Russo Brothers making a film about an opioid-addicted bank robber, but it seemedContinue reading “Cherry (2021), or was it Cherk?”

Quality Candor Presents: Messiah of Evil (1973)

I am proud to announce an official partnership between my video review channel, Quality Candor, and A Fistful of Film. On a (school-willing) biweekly basis, new reviews will be posted here as they appear on YouTube. In today’s installment, I give my humble assessment of a cool slice of 70s horror found in Willard HuyckContinue reading “Quality Candor Presents: Messiah of Evil (1973)”

Bud (2021) An Emotionally Resonant Drama

We start on a closeup of a man’s pockets where a pack of cigarettes lie. The man then picks up a cigarette, lights it up and we move into a profile of the man. He’s standing outside what appears to be a big building on a cloudy day in Liverpool. He picks up his phoneContinue reading “Bud (2021) An Emotionally Resonant Drama”

Malcolm & Marie (2021), a Frustrating Quarantine Spectacle

Zendaya has always been a sort of pop culture enigma to me. I was too old to fully enjoy her stint on Shake it Up when it first aired (although I vaguely remember being aware of it), but I had definitely never heard of K.C. Undercover until recently. So when a fervor spread across theContinue reading “Malcolm & Marie (2021), a Frustrating Quarantine Spectacle”

The Prestige (2006) – A Cinematic Magic Trick

Every magic trick has three parts, says Michael Caine to the audience in the first few minutes of The Prestige. They are The Pledge, The Turn and the titular Prestige. With The Pledge, the magician introduces a regular object like say a dove. In The Turn, he does something truly extraordinary by making it disappearContinue reading “The Prestige (2006) – A Cinematic Magic Trick”

Outside the Wire (2021), a Forgettable War Film Loosely Passing as Sci-Fi

The start of the year brought much uncertainty for the film industry, with the global pandemic still raging and the announcements of long-awaited films like No Time to Die and Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho having been delayed once again, the cinematic landscape looked like it was gearing up for another year of streamingContinue reading “Outside the Wire (2021), a Forgettable War Film Loosely Passing as Sci-Fi”

Another Round (2020) – A Second Go at Life

Here in Scandinavia there is a great deal of alcohol consumption amongst teenagers and youths. And in Denmark in particular, my neighboring country, the youngsters drink the most amount of alcohol in all of Europe, most likely due to the drinking age only being 16. In Sweden it’s as high as 18 to drink butContinue reading “Another Round (2020) – A Second Go at Life”