SIGHT & SOUND: The Cinema of Walter Murch, A Master On His Craft

Writer Jacob Calta takes a look at a most intriguing documentary

Staff Picks: Festive Favourites

The Team here at A Fistful of Film wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday! We decided that to celebrate the festive season we would come together and select some of our favourite holiday classics. Ranging from the traditional classics, to the subversive Christmas horror subgenre, to family favourite comedies, andContinue reading “Staff Picks: Festive Favourites”

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), Yet Another Misfire in the DCEU

“For me, [Wonder Woman] is a big misstep, I can only hope that Wonder Women 1984 will prove to be better.” When I wrote this for my Wonder Woman review I genuinely had faith in Patty Jenkins to deliver a better sequel given the fact that she was co-writing the screenplay and I chalked aContinue reading “Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), Yet Another Misfire in the DCEU”

Mank (2020), A Study in Cinema

David Fincher is a fascinating guy. His parent’s living next door to George Lucas helped him land his first silver screen gig doing modelling on Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi before moving up to directing music videos for the like of Madonna, with whom he was in a casual relationship briefly,Continue reading “Mank (2020), A Study in Cinema”

Staff Picks: The Masterful Martin Scorsese

Today marks the birth of one of the most influential American filmmakers in the history of Cinema, Martin Scorsese. To commemorate this occasion, we at A Fistful of Film have chosen to examine some of our favourites from his filmography; from his early breakout work, to his later modern masterpieces. Mean Streets (1973) By JacobContinue reading “Staff Picks: The Masterful Martin Scorsese”

Staff Picks: The Electrifying Ennio Morricone

Today marks the 92nd Birthday of one of the most accomplished and prolific composers in the history of film, Ennio Morricone. It was in July of this year the Italian maestro unfortunately passed, so out of respect for his life and his work, we at A Fistful of Film would like to look back atContinue reading “Staff Picks: The Electrifying Ennio Morricone”

Rebecca (2020), Is This It?

Over the course of a short but prolific career, Ben Wheatley has carved out an interesting niche for himself. Starting in online video making and sit-coms, Wheatley, despite being very adept at horror films waited until his second movie to make his break-out, cult, folk horror Kill List. His stated reason for doing this isContinue reading “Rebecca (2020), Is This It?”

Staff Picks: Deep Cuts for a Killer Holiday

This year to celebrate Halloween the team here at A Fistful of Film tasked ourselves with writing not about the go-to spooky season movies but to write about our favourite hidden gem or cult classic that we’ve been watching this year. Our range of deep cuts covers a wide range of horror films from Romero,Continue reading “Staff Picks: Deep Cuts for a Killer Holiday”

Saint Maud (2020), Isolation, Religion and Sexuality at the Sea-Side

Name a better combination than Britain and Horror….that’s right you can’t. Now I’m willing to admit that this statement carries a fair amount of bias, being a British Horror fan myself, but while many tote Japan, Italy, or America as the paragons of the genre, there’s an undeniable charm and legacy that Britain has whenContinue reading “Saint Maud (2020), Isolation, Religion and Sexuality at the Sea-Side”

License to Review #16: License to Kill (1989)

James Bond will return to cinemas this November with his twenty-fifth adventure, No Time to Die. In preparation, David Alkhed will take a look at all the previous entries in the franchise and see which ones are deserving of praise (shaken) and which ones aren’t (stirred). One of the toughest things I can imagine forContinue reading “License to Review #16: License to Kill (1989)”