The Offbeat Marquee Presents: Double Bill Delights #6 – “He Who Controls the Past”

Editor Jacob Calta queues up two doubleplusgood takes on the landmark dystopian novel by George Orwell.

TUGS: A Bigg Retrospective (2023) – To Sail in Uncharted Waters

Editor Jacob Calta takes a massive journey back through time to rediscover the craftsmanship and talent behind one of British television’s landmark children’s shows.

The Offbeat Marquee #8 – From Out of the Underground

Editor Jacob Calta looks back fondly on the many films he discovered through a special late-night programming block on classic cinema giant Turner Classic Movies

The Offbeat Marquee Presents: Double Bill Delights #5 – “Running in the 80’s”

Editor Jacob Calta revs the Marquee up to a full roar with two racing dramas from the early 80s.

The Offbeat Marquee Presents: Double Bill Delights #3 – “The Waves of the World”

General Editor Jacob Calta returns to the Marquee with a sun-tanned, surf-soaked double bill of late 60s fun.