Wrath of Man (2021) – The Good Guy (Ritchie)

Guy Ritchie for me is not so much a hit-and-miss filmmaker as he has a hit-and-miss style. His background in directing music videos and commercials has been instrumental and key to Ritchie’s entire approach to the medium of film much like other directors who got their start making videos like David Fincher, Michael Bay, SpikeContinue reading “Wrath of Man (2021) – The Good Guy (Ritchie)”

Show Me Cinema #25: The Wings & Michael

Still from Michael (1924) Even if Pride Month is almost over, it seems like a good idea to discuss a movie for the occasion, a little bit of striking whilst the iron is hot. So then the question becomes, what movie should I discuss? I’ve already covered Lukas Moodysson’s Fucking Åmål and Levan Akin’s AndContinue reading “Show Me Cinema #25: The Wings & Michael”

Show Me Cinema #24: Summer Interlude

The filmography of Ingmar Bergman could very easily be divided into several different phases and periods in which he operated. Most people are primarily familiar with his work from the mid-1950s onwards, fair as it consists of most of the films he’s today known for. His early work is often dismissed or forgotten, sometimes byContinue reading “Show Me Cinema #24: Summer Interlude”

Illang: The Wolf Brigade (2018) – A Frustratingly Confusing Backfire from Kim Jee-woon

There are certain movies known for having notoriously complicated plots and stories that especially on first viewing are sometimes mind-numbing and are often subject to criticism from critics when they appear. I’m thinking of films like The Big Lebowski, Miami Vice and hell even the first Mission: Impossible. What these films have in common, atContinue reading “Illang: The Wolf Brigade (2018) – A Frustratingly Confusing Backfire from Kim Jee-woon”

Show Me Cinema #23: Raven’s End

Since starting the website and this very column, the two film directors I’ve covered the most have probably been Ingmar Bergman and Bo Widerberg. Whilst most people know about Bergman and his life many people (and when I say people I mean people who don’t live in Sweden but here too probably) may not knowContinue reading “Show Me Cinema #23: Raven’s End”

The Woman in the Window (2021) – The Poor Man’s Fincher doing the Poor Man’s Hitchcock

Joe Wright is supposed to be a fine director if one goes according to some of my mutuals on Film Twitter. His films Pride and Prejudice and Atonement are frequently discussed on the tl, be it in regards to their painterly cinematography, their performances or just making people horny for hot people or whatever. AlthoughContinue reading “The Woman in the Window (2021) – The Poor Man’s Fincher doing the Poor Man’s Hitchcock”

Show Me Cinema #22: Call Girl

Back in 2012, the movie Call Girl was released in Sweden to much attention and interest. That’s because the movie was inspired by what’s known here in Sweden as Bordellhärvan or Geijeraffären, the Geijer Affair roughly translated into English. It occured in the mid-to-late 1970s in Stockholm where our Minister of Justice at the time,Continue reading “Show Me Cinema #22: Call Girl”

Bud (2021) An Emotionally Resonant Drama

We start on a closeup of a man’s pockets where a pack of cigarettes lie. The man then picks up a cigarette, lights it up and we move into a profile of the man. He’s standing outside what appears to be a big building on a cloudy day in Liverpool. He picks up his phoneContinue reading “Bud (2021) An Emotionally Resonant Drama”

Show Me Cinema #21: Searching for Sugar Man

“Sugar man, won’t you hurry Cause I’m tired of these scenes For a blue coin won’t you bring back All those colors to my dreams” Sugar Man, Rodriguez (1970) If I say the name Rodriguez, you will probably go “what? I beg your pardon? Who?” And it’s not that surprising frankly. The only reason whyContinue reading “Show Me Cinema #21: Searching for Sugar Man”