Deadwood: The Movie (2019) – A Magnificent Dirge to a Brilliant Series

“Our Father, which art in Heaven…” “Let him fucking stay there.” It strikes me as a little odd to be writing this review of a television movie that followed up a television show on a site dedicated to theatrical films specifically. But as I recall, the distinction between movies made for television versus movies madeContinue reading “Deadwood: The Movie (2019) – A Magnificent Dirge to a Brilliant Series”

Official Competition (2021) – A Clash of Cinematic Egos

The world of film and its makers is a mysterious and strange one, filled with equal parts glamor and hard labor. In fact, I’d go so far as to say the glamourous aspect of the job is mostly the side the public is still familiar with, whereas the hard and laborious side is more mysteriousContinue reading “Official Competition (2021) – A Clash of Cinematic Egos”

Elvis (2022) – Movie Spectacular Spectacular A La Baz Luhrmann

There are few people of the twentieth century as iconic and well-known as Elvis Presley. Still to this day young audiences keep getting introduced to him, be it via a piece of iconography, the numerous pop culture references or the continual replay-value of many of his most iconic songs like Hound Dog, Can’t Help FallingContinue reading “Elvis (2022) – Movie Spectacular Spectacular A La Baz Luhrmann”

Secret Honor (1984) – Remembering Philip Baker Hall

The year 2022 is beginning to feel reminiscent of 2016. Not just for looming political turns towards the right and therefore bad, but also for a staggering amount of beloved celebrities and artists leaving us this year, particularly in the world of movies. Since January we’ve lost the following: Peter Bogdanovich, Sidney Poitier, Monica VittiContinue reading “Secret Honor (1984) – Remembering Philip Baker Hall”

Spencer (2021) – A Modern Woman Trapped in an Ancient Institution

Ever since her premature death in 1997, Princess Diana has remained one of the most beloved and iconic figures in recent history. She remains a major part of pop culture to this day, joining the ranks of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean as young deaths that captured the imagination of an entire world and theContinue reading “Spencer (2021) – A Modern Woman Trapped in an Ancient Institution”

Duck, You Sucker! (1971) – The False Facades of Heroism and Revolution

“When I was young I believed in three things: Marxism, the redemptive power of cinema and dynamite. Now I just believe in dynamite.” – Sergio Leone The great Italian director Sergio Leone was and remains one of the titans of international cinema. Despite such a meager output of only seven films (eight if one wereContinue reading “Duck, You Sucker! (1971) – The False Facades of Heroism and Revolution”