Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), Snyder’s Superhero Epic

Looking back at my review for what I guess is now called the Whedon cut of Justice League I wrote the following: “would I personally want to see the infamous ‘Snyder Cut’? Undoubtedly […] Do I think that cut actually exists? Not in any meaningful way….” and I’ve never been happier to say that IContinue reading “Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), Snyder’s Superhero Epic”

Cherry (2021), or was it Cherk?

It’s difficult to know where to begin when talking about Cherry. The now-heavily memed image of Tom Holland with a shaved head pointing a pistol directly at the camera seems to have been released years ago amidst mumbling and murmurs of the Russo Brothers making a film about an opioid-addicted bank robber, but it seemedContinue reading “Cherry (2021), or was it Cherk?”

Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem (2003), Goodbye Daft Punk.

February 23rd 2021 will go down forever as a historic day in Music history. After 28 years of working together, and 8 years after their last album release, the electronic duo Daft Punk uploaded a video to their youtube channel entitled “Epilogue”, a 7 minute short film revealing the retirement of the duo and theContinue reading “Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem (2003), Goodbye Daft Punk.”

Studio Ghibli #17: Arrietty (2010)

I’ve cheated a little bit with Arriety…. in the sense that so far I’ve been watching or rewatching all of these Ghibli films in their original Japanese audio with subtitles. But for Arriety, despite it being a completely new first watch for me, I chose to watch the English dub due to the sheer talentContinue reading “Studio Ghibli #17: Arrietty (2010)”

Malcolm & Marie (2021), a Frustrating Quarantine Spectacle

Zendaya has always been a sort of pop culture enigma to me. I was too old to fully enjoy her stint on Shake it Up when it first aired (although I vaguely remember being aware of it), but I had definitely never heard of K.C. Undercover until recently. So when a fervor spread across theContinue reading “Malcolm & Marie (2021), a Frustrating Quarantine Spectacle”

Outside the Wire (2021), a Forgettable War Film Loosely Passing as Sci-Fi

The start of the year brought much uncertainty for the film industry, with the global pandemic still raging and the announcements of long-awaited films like No Time to Die and Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho having been delayed once again, the cinematic landscape looked like it was gearing up for another year of streamingContinue reading “Outside the Wire (2021), a Forgettable War Film Loosely Passing as Sci-Fi”

Studio Ghibli #16: Ponyo (2008)

As I sat down to watch this film, I checked the handy list of Studio Ghibli films I made in order to keep track of their release order and came to the realisation that this is the second-to-last Hayao Miyazaki film left to watch. Before starting this journey through Studio Ghibli’s filmography I had alreadyContinue reading “Studio Ghibli #16: Ponyo (2008)”

Soul (2020), Pixar’s Delightful Return to Form

Disney sucks. Let’s not split hairs. In my opinion their Studio-produced, profit focused approach to filmmaking is creating a creative stranglehold that can be most prominently seen in their approach to Superhero blockbusters, but has also reared its ugly head in the rest of their creative outlets. But despite this, there has always been aContinue reading “Soul (2020), Pixar’s Delightful Return to Form”

Staff Picks: Festive Favourites

The Team here at A Fistful of Film wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday! We decided that to celebrate the festive season we would come together and select some of our favourite holiday classics. Ranging from the traditional classics, to the subversive Christmas horror subgenre, to family favourite comedies, andContinue reading “Staff Picks: Festive Favourites”

Tokyo Godfathers (2003), Satoshi Kon’s Christmas Masterpiece

Satoshi Kon is one of the most recognisable directors within the animation medium. He is often regarded as one of the greatest directors to work within animation and any list of great animated/anime movies would be incomplete without the inclusion of at least one of his four feature films. If you weren’t already aware KonContinue reading “Tokyo Godfathers (2003), Satoshi Kon’s Christmas Masterpiece”