Staff Picks: The Amazing Alfred Hitchcock

Today marks the birth of the Master of Suspense himself, British filmmaking legend, Alfred Hitchcock. To commemorate this occasion, we at A Fistful of Film have chosen to examine some of our favourites out of his filmography, from his early silent films to his acclaimed latter-day output. The Lodger: A Story of London Fog (1927):Continue reading “Staff Picks: The Amazing Alfred Hitchcock”

The Village (2004), an overlooked gem?

After breaking into the mainstream consciousness with The Sixth Sense and his twist that rocked the world, M. Night Shyamalan has had a rocky career. His post-Unbreakable trajectory a lot of his early 2000’s work was written off as failed attempts at returning to The Sixth Sense, and as time went on he became knownContinue reading “The Village (2004), an overlooked gem?”

Studio Ghibli #10: Princess Mononoke (1997)

For many, the general consensus seems to be that Princess Mononoke is Miyazaki’s best film, this is a sentiment I see both online and in real-life but while I disagree I also find it easy to understand why people feel this way. For me Princess Mononoke is the culmination of all of Miyazaki’s previous works,Continue reading “Studio Ghibli #10: Princess Mononoke (1997)”

Angel Heart (1987): Rest in Peace Alan Parker

The news of Alan Parker’s passing was tremendously sad for myself as a British film fan. A truly influential, and accomplished director who has been a presence in my life since my school put on a performance of Bugsy Malone and we spent many afternoons watching Parker’s fantastic 1976 debut in preparation. Since then IContinue reading “Angel Heart (1987): Rest in Peace Alan Parker”

Studio Ghibli #9: Whisper of the Heart (1995)

Going into Whisper of the Heart I knew very little about the film aside from some mixed reviews from people I know, so I was more than surprised to find out that the film is a mostly grounded slice-of-life romance film and not the fantasy adventure I believed it to be from the poster. SoContinue reading “Studio Ghibli #9: Whisper of the Heart (1995)”

Shazam! (2019), A New Era for the DCEU

For many, myself included, Shazam! seemed like a bastion of hope for the DCEU. After the disaster of the Justice League film, the new wave of entries into the franchise helmed by fresh directors seemed to signal a changing guard. One of the films that seemed like it would accomplish this was David Sandberg’s Shazam!;Continue reading “Shazam! (2019), A New Era for the DCEU”

Hamilton (2020), the Broadway Spectacle Brought to your Home

It’s no secret that I love film, if you follow me on twitter or even have read any of my writing on this website it should be readily apparent how much I love film. But one of my love’s is something I don’t get to talk about often, that’s right……. I’m a theatre nerd. That’sContinue reading “Hamilton (2020), the Broadway Spectacle Brought to your Home”

A Whisker Away (2020), It’s a Wonderful Cat Life

You don’t have to be a big fan of anime to have heard of Sailor Moon, a show that I caught glimpses of as a child but that had an undeniable influence on anime as a whole. So when I saw that Netflix’s new anime film, A Whisker Away, was co-directed by one of theContinue reading “A Whisker Away (2020), It’s a Wonderful Cat Life”

Studio Ghibli #8: Pom Poko (1994)

Three years after Only Yesterday, and six years after Grave of the Fireflies, Takahata took his signature experimental style in a new direction. Setting aside the grounded realism of his first Studio Ghibli film, and the nostalgia-tinted “realism” of his second, Takahata moved into the realm of fantasy and folklore with Pom Poko. Following theContinue reading “Studio Ghibli #8: Pom Poko (1994)”

Da 5 Bloods (2020), Brutal but Beautiful

Spike Lee’s newest film has been a hot-button topic since it’s announcement. Followed by a series of absolutely gorgeous posters that added fuel to the flame of excitement for myself and many other film fans. Myself, and many others, were eagerly awaiting the 12th to finally see whether this film would rank alongside Lee’s previousContinue reading “Da 5 Bloods (2020), Brutal but Beautiful”