Saoirse's Cult Corner

Saoirse’s Cult Corner

by Saoirse Selway

Saoirse’s Cult Corner #10: Jodorowsky Films Bumper Edition

We’ve covered a diverse set of films while talking about Jodorowsky thus far, from the big hitters, from acid western El Topo & epic adventure The Holy Mountain to more obscure efforts like dystopian nightmare Fando y Lis and comedy The Rainbow Thief. Jodorowsky’s career as shown by this series has been one of eclecticContinue reading “Saoirse’s Cult Corner #10: Jodorowsky Films Bumper Edition”

Saoirse Selway. Cult film columnist & general reviewer for the site. Woefully underqualified. All you need to know about me is that I was watching a b-tier Giallo while taking this photo and there’s a David Lynch t-shirt under this jumper. Psychotronic film obsessive. If it’s a genre film and it’s low budget I’ll probably watch it. Give me strangeness, give me innovation, give me imagination and vision. Auteur theory is toxic bunk. Favourite directors include Ben Wheatley, Edgar Wright, Alice Lowe, Lynne Ramsay, Ingmar Bergman, Dario Argento, Takashi Miike, Andrei Tarkovsky, Mario Bava, Spike Lee, David Lynch, & Joanna Hogg. 

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