Show Me Cinema #3: Smiles of a Summer Night (1955)

Once I decided that I would cover mainly Swedish cinema for A Fistful of Film, one of the first thoughts that entered my head was “when are you gonna cover Bergman and where do you start?” Without a doubt the most internationally renowned and influential Swedish filmmaker who’s ever lived, it might’ve seemed obvious toContinue reading “Show Me Cinema #3: Smiles of a Summer Night (1955)”

Show Me Cinema #2: And Then We Danced (2019)

Right from the beginning of And Then We Danced, we sense that Georgia is a country steeped in tradition. The film begins with black-and-white documentary footage of Georgian dancers performing concerts all over the world are intercut with the first few opening credits, then it cuts to our main characters practicing their own dancing routines.Continue reading “Show Me Cinema #2: And Then We Danced (2019)”

Show Me Cinema #1: The Man on the Roof (1976)

Anyone who is Swedish will know that we have no shortage of crime or detective fiction. Film, television and literature has been dominated by the genre for at least 50 years and it’s still going strong. Many of them are almost interchangeable with one another and aren’t terribly interesting. But few of them are asContinue reading “Show Me Cinema #1: The Man on the Roof (1976)”