A Beginners Guide to Kelly Reichardt

I recently finished a 13,000 word dissertation on American indie director Kelly Reichardt. It’s safe to say that I’m quite the fan of her work. Yet despite being a critically acclaimed regular on the festival circuit since ‘94 it still feels like she doesn’t get anywhere near enough attention. I’m sure there’s a gendered aspectContinue reading “A Beginners Guide to Kelly Reichardt”

Phantom Thread Review – Merely an illusion. (By Tom Armstrong)

After watching Phantom Thread, it has taken me a good few days to come to my keyboard and start typing away about it. The film, still as I am writing this, remains a vast enigma to me. For a film that is so soft on the eye, delicate with each precise sound, meaningful with everyContinue reading “Phantom Thread Review – Merely an illusion. (By Tom Armstrong)”

New York, New York – Manhattan (1979), by Malu Barroso

As a Jazz fan, I grew up dreaming about going to New York. Whether because of the many references to the city in some of the most famous songs or because of the many Jazz clubs located in the Big Apple, I just wanted to make a brand new start of it in old NewContinue reading “New York, New York – Manhattan (1979), by Malu Barroso”