What Did Jack Do? (2020): Zootopia Goes To Hell

So, you might well be wondering what the fuck just dropped to Netflix and who the fuck let these fuckers anywhere near the controls. Some of you may be picturing elaborate, ‘White House Down’ style scenarios where a mad band of meth fuelled third-year film students highjacked Netflix HQ in an attempt to send theirContinue reading “What Did Jack Do? (2020): Zootopia Goes To Hell”

Fellini 100 Years – Satyricon (1969)

I swear there is a plot. I’ve seen this movie before, I know there’s a plot because I followed it just fine then. This time though, I’m sitting here and the film is so unhinged, and strange, and surreal, that the experience is just washing over me. Fellini is often lumped in with the neo-realistsContinue reading “Fellini 100 Years – Satyricon (1969)”

L’Ange (1982): The Soul of Cinema is Alive and Well in This Movie

I wish to specify that while I don’t think this film is perfect, I say that begrudgingly. It’s only because there’s one scene in a library that goes on a bit long for my taste. That being said though trying to judge or critique this film is somewhat of a fool’s errand, not that IContinue reading “L’Ange (1982): The Soul of Cinema is Alive and Well in This Movie”

Us (2019): The Spirit of George A. Romero Lives On

After this movie, I’m going to have to read that Master/Slave dialectic again I suppose. Y’know, it’s surprising, the real Argento film filmmakers seem to return to these days for inspiration, isn’t ‘Suspiria’, (which has been stripped of all possible influence and left at the bottom of the ocean like a discarded whale carcass), itContinue reading “Us (2019): The Spirit of George A. Romero Lives On”

Saoirse’s Cult Corner #1, What Have You Done To Solange?

In this column cult columnist, Saoirse takes you on a biweekly jaunt through the obscure annals of the cult film world. We’ll touch on everything from Giallo to J-Horror to Wakaliwood & so much more. If it’s a low budget genre film, or even a big budget flop, with a dogged audience, or even anContinue reading “Saoirse’s Cult Corner #1, What Have You Done To Solange?”

Bait (2019): The Best Cornish Western Ever Put To Screen

Genre is a funny little thing. The boom and bust cycle of genres have always fascinated me. It seems to me that as soon as genres become defined they immediately become unfashionable. A cliche only becomes cliche when we put a name to it. All we need as evidence is to look at the riseContinue reading “Bait (2019): The Best Cornish Western Ever Put To Screen”

Last Christmas (2019): A Saccharine Car Crash of Colliding Good Intentions

Where to begin unpacking this strange, strange beast. First of all, does Paul Fieg even direct his camera at all? That seems to be the most annoying trend in contemporary blockbuster comedy, no one is making use of their camera to enhance their movie. I mean, at least there are pure black values in thisContinue reading “Last Christmas (2019): A Saccharine Car Crash of Colliding Good Intentions”

Joker (2019): Please Don’t Give This Awards

Where to even begin. I suppose with context.  So.  I went in really, really wanting to like this. I’ve really felt like ever since ‘Joker‘ won the Venice Film Festival people have been out to take it down, as some kind of inner cinematic white-knighting, if I’m even allowed to say that. Some kind ofContinue reading “Joker (2019): Please Don’t Give This Awards”

First Love (2019): Takashi Miike Hasn’t Lost His Ability to Surprise in the Best Way

It’s just ridiculous how Miike is pushing 60 now, he’s made over 100 films and he’s still making films with that joyful, youthful verve. He’s making the kind and variety of movies that Quentin Tarantino forgot how to do when he hit puberty. Ironically though, this does in a way feel like Miike’s ‘Once UponContinue reading “First Love (2019): Takashi Miike Hasn’t Lost His Ability to Surprise in the Best Way”

Uncut Gems (2019): A Classic Cinematic Landmark in the Making

Giving immediate reactions to this film is hard. ‘Uncut Gems‘ is, ironically, not much of a good time, what it is, is a deeply felt, cathartic experience of a film, in the way that I always look for in my favourite films. It reminds me of the films of Dario Argento, Gaspar Noe, and StanleyContinue reading “Uncut Gems (2019): A Classic Cinematic Landmark in the Making”