Bombshell (2019): a Bomb of a Script and a Bomb at the Box Office

Content Warning: Discussions of Rape, Sexual assault & harrassment, and mentions of the #Metoo movement are present in this review.  Authors Note: In an effort of full disclosure, I am a cis-man who has never had to experience the terrible things that the women depicted in this movie, and many women in real life asContinue reading “Bombshell (2019): a Bomb of a Script and a Bomb at the Box Office”

Terrence Malick’s Hidden Life (2019): A Review

Going into A Hidden Life, I’d only seen one other Terrence Malick film; Badlands. But surrounding the acclaimed director is a vast love and appreciation for his work, and many of his features have been on my watchlist for some time. So, upon seeing that his latest film was released in the UK I wentContinue reading “Terrence Malick’s Hidden Life (2019): A Review”

Mid90s (2018): The Art of Finding Your Feet

Content Warning: Brief mention of Self-Harm In many ways, life can be considered similar to skateboarding. It can get you where you need to go, you can succeed, you can fail, when it knocks you on your ass all you can do is get back up. But most importantly, the key to both is findingContinue reading “Mid90s (2018): The Art of Finding Your Feet”

Animation Isn’t Just For Kids, as Told by a Child’s Narrative

In this column, Amos Lamb will take you through the wonderful world of animation. Exploring what makes it such an appealing genre/medium for all ages, with the focus spanning from the mainstream animation studios like Disney & Studio Ghibli, to more obscure animation such as Japanese OVA’s, British claymation, Czechoslovakian stop-motion and everything in-between.  ContentContinue reading “Animation Isn’t Just For Kids, as Told by a Child’s Narrative”

Abigail’s Party (1977), or Who’s Afraid of the Middle Class

In the throes of Mike Leigh’s career at the BBC devising and directing tele-plays for Play for Today, came Abigail’s Party one of the most talked about and impactful of all of the plays produced. With a lasting legacy that launched the career of leading lady Alison Steadman, and solidified Mike Leigh’s status as aContinue reading “Abigail’s Party (1977), or Who’s Afraid of the Middle Class”