Graceful Agitation: A Gorgeous Trip Towards Harmony

“Graceful Agitation” is peace materialized, a trip from nowhere towards another nowhere; the chase is what matters.

New York, New York – Manhattan (1979), by Malu Barroso

As a Jazz fan, I grew up dreaming about going to New York. Whether because of the many references to the city in some of the most famous songs or because of the many Jazz clubs located in the Big Apple, I just wanted to make a brand new start of it in old NewContinue reading “New York, New York – Manhattan (1979), by Malu Barroso”

Staff Picks: David Lynch’s World of Dreams

David Lynch needs no introduction, but perhaps his filmography does. Each of our staff picks a film by the master of surrealist filmmaking, whose filmography never ceases to amaze. Eraserhead (1977), introduced by Saoirse Selway ‘Eraserhead’ is a really important movie to me. It’s so stupidly formative to me as a critic and filmmaker thatContinue reading “Staff Picks: David Lynch’s World of Dreams”